Movies From Dusk Til Dawn IV: Fantasy

A new Los Angeles Tradition, accumulating an enormous following over the past several years is Cinespia.  More commonly referred to around my group of friends as “the movies in the graveyard”. When telling people about this, I usually follow with the nomenclature, “its not as creepy as it sounds…” Cinespia is the brain child of John Wyatt, who uses the side of a huge mausoleum as his theater screen, adds dj’s before and after the film, and now has jumped on the photo booth trend, with themed photo booths per film.  I have met John a few times, and he really enjoys finding films that are cult favorites that the people have earned a place in the hearts and culture of the people of Los Angeles.

While the crowds of Cinespia can be difficult to maneuver, the addition of pre-purchased tickets has offered some help in that capacity.  It also doesn’t hurt to buy an extra two bottles of wine at Trader Joe’s on your way in, to drink while waiting in line to get in!  Get their early, bring lots of blankets, be PATIENT, and have some triple ginger snap cookies while you wait.

For the fourth year running, Cinespia presents FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, the all night screening series, and this year, it is a fantasy film theme!  Whats on the program?

The Neverending Story/ Legend/ Labyrinth
Neverending StoryLegendLabyrinth_ver2

Holy Luck Dragons!!!! I don’t even know if the eight year old girl in me can handle this!
I am sad to say, the event is already sold out, so I have decided to stage my own Fantasy Film Slumber Party complete with all three films on Blu Ray of course! I did not act fast enough, so I guess I’ll miss the graveyard adventure!!!

Of the three, Labyrinth has always been my favorite fantasy film.  The combination of Jennifer Connelly’s ballgown and David Bowie’s singing was like an opiate to me when I was young. I could not get enough of this movie, but The Neverending Story was always a close second….

What these movies all have in common, is a sense of magic, beautiful fantastic sets and characters, elaborate costumes, and the inevitable fight of good vs. evil.  I’m a sucker for a poofy white sparkly dress…..

More upcoming screenings at the cemetery?
Pretty in Pink – 8/31
A Clockwork Orange – 8/30
Purple Rain – 9/6
The Matrix – 9/13

If you don’t live in the LA area, or you were too late buying tickets yourself, I advise you to hold your own Fantasy Film Slumber Party, complete with wine, snacks, and costume ideas from the films!

Maybe wear the necklace with the Neverending Story Symbol available on Etsy



Or perhaps you can do your best David Bowie Hair impersonation….
AMPAS Gold Standard Series

Embrace it, wear something sparkly, put a flower wreath in your hair and be a little girl for a night! Channel your inner fantasy character!

aae6045a3d5b71cfb6c8177ec7ae1ffd fb6a_35 the-neverending-story-15d100ac5119c6e667c888871908d069d

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