Crafty-Nerd Picks of the Week!

Lets highlight a few items found on my favorite cure for boredom…!!!
Etsy is a veritable jackpot of nerd culture finds! From costumes to one of a kind original art, a girl could spend a small fortune with the click of a button…

Some personal favorites from my Etsy navigation are:
Concepcion Studios
Star Wars II - Concepcion Studios Etsy

These Star Wars vintage book jacket style prints are currently hanging in my living room. They get a lot of attention from friends who come by, because the reference to Star wars is subtle. You have to look closely to see what is actually shown on the photo.

These are just a great find! The perfect wall art for the nerdiest of couples!





These fun Dr. Who art pieces are great because they are referential without being too exact. I love when you have to be a fan of the show to actually understand what the art refers too… That’s the nerd in me!

Take a spin around Etsy, and make your home a reflection of you….. a FAN!

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