You’ve been NerdCrushed!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away the term “nerd’ was not the word it is today.  The genesis of nerd culture stems far back to previous decades, but within my small world, the Genesis of nerd culture happened the year I was born.  The year 1977, when the film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope was released.

For young girls with brown hair, running around on the play ground in the early 80s, there were two characters you wanted to be.
1. Princess Leia
2. Wonder Woman
I am sure some misguided fools would pick Supergirl ( I suppose) but she never had the star power the other two did!  The early days of my formative years were surrounded by tough brunette firecrackers who were quick with a Blaster or a Lasso of Truth.  These ladies were not waiting to be saved by heroes but rather WERE THE HEROES within the story… bringing about blance to the force and justice wherever they roamed.

Somewhere along the way, it became uncool to dress up like our favorite hero… as things begin to lose their magic as we get older, and more preoccupied with what people think of us.  Some girls forget what it felt like to put on their Mom’s jewelry, close their eyes and pretend that magic did exist…some girls forget that they were all princesses in their mind when they watched a fairy tale on the screen, or read a story about a far off adventure in a book. This blog is my own window to the world that I refuse to forget about.  The world where I may end up riding through space at the speed of light, and can fight alongside the toughest of super heroes much bigger than I am.

It seems to be a “nerd” today is actually not only accepted but almost encouraged.
Nerds LOVE what they love. They don’t go half way. Nor should they!

This blog is for the girls that still believe in magic.
You have officially been “NerdCrushed”.

xo TL

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